Ren loses his Christmas spirit and Stimpy tries to help get it back.


It's Christmas Eve and Stimpy wants to go to a Christmas Party, but Ren stays at home and takes a nap. He wakes up and the ghost of Christmas past comes and shows Ren his past years of Christmas of him not getting what he wants and throwing a tantrum over it. One time he got so mad that he punched a boy hard in the nose. It also shows a flashback of "Son of Stimpy". Ren gets mad and shoves the ghost inside of the cone. But then the ghost of Christmas present visits and shows Ren how unhappy Stimpy is because of Ren's neglect. He also shows the boy Ren punched with his nose still broken. However, Ren doesn't seem to care. So then the ghost of Christmas future shows Ren a graveyard with a gravestone covered in snow, the ghost commands Ren to brush off the snow which he does, revealing the name "Ren Hoek" the grave opens up and shows a firey pit symbolizing Hell. Ren wake up to find out it was just a dream.


Stimpy plays all 3 of the ghosts.

Next to Ren's gravestone, is a gravestone that says "Derpy" and has a muffin on it instead of flowers.