Here is my version of the epilogue to the fan episode "Overboard"

(Jeff approaches Ren) Ren: Please! No! (Stimpy comes on to the scene) Stimpy: I'll help you Ren (stimpy gets an electric guitar and plays What's Left of the Flag by Flogging Molly) Jeff: My ears! (Jeff attacks Stimpy and Ren) Stimpy escapes but Ren got stabbed 2x Stimpy comes to Ren with an ice pick Stimpy: Use this! (Ren stabs Jeff) (Yuma comes back from dead) Yuma: My revenge! Yuma shoots Ren in the chest, killing him Stimpy: how dare you! Stimpy Shoots a missle into Yuma's head ' Stimpy: I'm out of here! Rating X

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