Season 6 Episodes 53A - 57Edit

Episode 53A Episode 53B Episode 54A Episode 54B Episode 55A Episode 55B Episode 56A Episode 56B Episode 57
Fastest Sidekick Alive Ren Needs Help Again?!?! The New Kid Powdered Toastman Is Back!
Airdate: January 7th 1997 Airdate: January 7th 1997 Airdate: January 14th 1997
Network: MTV Network: MTV Network: MTV
Studio: Spumco Studio: Spumco Studio: Spumco
Rating: TV-MA Rating: TV-MA Rating: TV-MA
Funfact #1: This Is The First Episode

Made By Spumco Since Season 2

Funfact #2: Spumco Teamed Up

With Sega To Make This Episode

Runtime: 11 Minutes Runtime: 11 Minutes

Season 6 Episodes 58 - 66Edit

Episode 58 Episode 59 Episode 60 Episode 61 Episode 62 Episode 63 Episode 64 Episode 65 Episode 66
Ren's Dumb Invention Fire Dogs 1/2 Hypnotized By TV Stimpy Is A Girl? Man's Best Revenge Boobies & Boobies & Boobies Everyday! Ren & Stimpy Explore The World Wide Web Stimpy X The Devil Is Back?
Airdate: April 11th 1997 Airdate: April 18th 1997 Airdate: April 25th 1997 Airdate: May 2nd 1997 Airdate: May 9th 1997 Airdate: May 16th 1997 Airdate: May 23rd 1997 Airdate: May 30th 1997 Airdate: June 6th 1997
Network: MTV Network: MTV Network: MTV
Studio: Spumco
Rating: TV-MA Rating: TV-MA
Runtime: 22 Minutes

Season 6 Episodes 67 - 75Edit

Episode 67 Episode 68 Episode 69 Episode 70 Episode 71 Episode 72 Episode 73 Episode 74 Episode 75
Airdate: June 13th 1997 Airdate: June 20th 1997 Airdate: June 27th 1997 Airdate: July 4th 1997 Airdate: July 11th 1997 Airdate: July 18th 1997 Airdate: July 25th 1997 Airdate: August 1st 1997 Airdate: August 8th 1997

Season 6 Episodes 76 - 78Edit

Episode 76 Episode 77 Episode 78
Newcommers Video Games In Reality Sven Hoek II
Airdate: August 15th 1997 Airdate: August 22nd 1997 Airdate: August 29th 1997

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