Stimpy: -Walk to Ren- Ren what wrong?!

Ren: It Seeu and Usee!

Seeu: Get out of here man our house!

-Ren and Stimpy walk out of the house then they hear a song-

Stimpy: IT VY2 YUUMA!!

VY2 Yuma: Hey guys!

-Ren's hand was red becuase of Yuma-

Ren: Hey you l-look like anime......

-Yuma slap at Ren and tell then get out of here-

Stimpy: Sorry!!

Cul: Yo! yo?

-Ren kick Cul out of the door-

Cul: Awww sick!!

-Stimpy look at the new 3ds-

Stimpy: What this?

-Stimpy play Animal crossing when the new leaf come out of the logo it was black-

Ren: WHOA!!

-Stimpy look at Yuma and Ren take Yuma outside and take a fight-

Yuma: Ren Hoke!?!

Ren: Sorry man!

-One night Yuma walk over to Stimpy and put Stimpy in the water-

Yuma: Im done it!

-The next day Ren wake up and saw a death deer-

Ren: YUMA!!!!

Yuma: Yeah Ren?

Ren: Do you see the death deer?!

-Ren cuts off  his hand-

Ren: OW!!!!

Yuma: Sorry honey!

-Stimpy got black Yuma came back and said he is death-

Stimpy: You son of a blood!

Yuma: Sorry kitty cat!

-Yuma run to Ren and then it was big gamecube-

Ren,Stimpy and Yuma: WHOA!

-Stimpy think about the one that Jeff the killer have-

Stimpy: Guys! Come on!

Ren and Yuma: Ok!

-Run to Jeff the killer house-

Jeff: WHAT!?!?!?

Ren: hi

-Stimpy close the door and cry for 1 hours-

Stimpy: WHY!?!?!?!?

Yuma: Well this guy shut the heck up?!

Ren: Yes!!

-Ren slap Stimpy for 1 hours and then Link's eyes were pink-


Ren: WHAT?!

Link: A kitty!!

Stimpy: R-Ren!!!

Ren: Shhh!

-Link try to get Stimpy into this dress-


-Yuma kick Link in the face-

Link: OW!! MAN?!

-Ren shoot Link 3 times and Stimpy hit Link noobs-

Link: MY NOOBS!!!

-Later that day Ren,Stimpy and Yuma are playing War world 6-


Stimpy: 3th? What the heck?!

Yuma: You 2 look like a baby!

-Yuma put Stimpy in Yuma's room and kill on his nose-


Ren: HEY YUMA!!!

-Yuma turn his head and Ren's eyes were black-

Ren: What?

Yuma: Your eyes i-is black not pink!

-Yuma slap Ren in the face the house was black Yuma's eyes black his hair was black everthing was black-

Yuma: Ren???

-Ren was weaing Amy rose's look-

Ren: Hiya honey!

-Yuma run off to Stimpy's bedroom and then black door was a monster-

-Stimpy is looking like Jeff the killer-

Stimpy: Go to bed!!!

Yuma: H-H-H-Help!!

-Yuma ran back to Ren when Ren look like Jeff the killer his eyes were red-

Yuma: Mommy?

-Ren and Stimpy killing Yuma but Yuma's eyes were pass out-

Yuma: What the?

-the tv were black Yuma jump on the tv the tv was on fire-

Yuma: Ren? Stimpy?

Yuma: Sighs

-Yuma walk outside and saw some death animals-

Yuma: No! No!

-The death animals went to Yuma and Slap him-


Apple Cream: How do you know my name?

Yuma: Uhhh

-Yuma fell on the black hold it Ren and Stimpy-

Yuma: GUYS!! I mean oh great!

-Ren and Stimpy throw Yuma in the hold-

Yuma: AHHHHH!!!!

-Ren's brain kick Yuma all the way to hell and Yuma saw logo New leaf it was black-

Yuma: Welcome to heck?

Yuma: HECK?!

Yuma: It hell!!!

-Ren zip Yuma in wall and put new leaf on it with death animals-

Yuma: It creepy!! And scary yuck!!!

-Yuma cut the rope one by one and then Stimpy's eyes were black with fire on his eyes-

Stimpy: Back off!!!

-Yuma run back to the house and saw Rin and Len-

Rin Len: hi!


-Yuma run back to hell and see Ren and Lily-

Yuma: Lily what are you doing here?!

Lily: SHUT UP!!!

Yuma: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!

-Yuma wake up from his nap but Ren's butt was showing-

Yuma: AHHHH!

Stimpy: Oh hey Yuma how it going?

-Yuma throw dvd player on Stimpy-

Stimpy: Uh-oh!

-Yuma hit,kick,slap and yell at Stimpy at the same time-

Stimpy: HELP!!

Yuma: It your turn to go to heck Stimpy!!

Ren: Whoa Yuma!

Yuma: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!

-Ren walk away sadly Yuma face turn ren becuase of his dream-

Yuma: Stimpy?

-Stimpy gone to sleep on his own bed Yuma throw a death deer on Stimpy's face-


-Stimpy dream about going to ponyville-

Yuma: Wake up Stimpy it me!! Yuma!

-Ren poke at Stimpy when Ren got the gun he shoot into Yuma-

Yuma: REN!!!!

Ren: Oh-no!

-Yuma fight back with Ren when Stimpy woke up he fight too-

Yuma: STOP!!!

Ren: What?

-Yuma walk away madly to death-

Ren: Yuma.

Stimpy: Yuma are you ok?!

-Yuma bite off with Stimpy then death animal came-

Ren: What really?!

-They grab Ren,Stimpy and Yuma and the rope-

Ren: LET US GO!!

Death animal 1: No!

-Put Ren,Stimpy, and Yuma in the black world then the rope was black-

Stimpy: HELP!!!!

-Stimpy let Ren Yuma out of the rope then jump to the death animals-

Death animal 2: Oh crap!!

-The rope have been clean color for Ren and Yuma-


Stimpy and Yuma: REN!!!!

-Ren put death animal go in hell-

Ren: Sorry but you lose I WON!!!!

Yuma: Whoa!

-The next day Ren eat all the death stuff from his bedroom Yuma put eggs on Ren's face-

Ren: YUMA!!!

-The eyes were black then Ren look at Jeff-

Ren: AHHHHH!!!! Rating: x