Seasons 1Edit

Hatsune Miku/12 Angry Vocaloid: When Ren and Stimpy meet Hatsune Miku Stimpy think she was UTAU! 12 Vocaloid came were ‎Objective and Miku want to stop fighting by Vocaloid.

Trollface mask/Adolf Hitler: Ren saw some trollface mask everday in ponyville. Hitler get so angry at Stimpy he was playing sexy!

Majora's Mask/Attack on Weegee: The mask take Ren and Stimpy Miku must save Ren and Stimpy by the Majora Mask. When Spongebob and the gang kill Weegee he was dead be bit by Mama Luigi.

Rage face/Hater going hate: Stimpy and Miku make some Rage faces and get a face freeze. Miku is a beautiful dirty rich she want to take over the world!

Circus Monster: When Luka became a monster with a horn Ren and Stimpy must save Luka!

Blood black/My little Drepy: Miku and Ren saw some blood and it was black. Drepy come to Stimpy's party and have a fight with Patrick. Song: Dead to you heart

Mama Luigi/Angry Dad: Mama Luigi kill Ren,Stimpy and Miku! The real Dad got angry he flip out at Hitler's house.

Call of duty /Love or Hate: Stimpy play Call of Duty for 24 hours. Miku fall in love with Johnny Knoxville and she got beat up!

Squidward crossing/Youtube poop: When Ren play Squidward crossing he end in the squidcube. Stimpy and Miku make there own youtube poop.

Killer in the city: Jeff came to town and kill Miku!

Here lies Seldercat/Pony gose gaga: Slendercat ran over by a deer and died. When Ponys meet Lady Gaga they flip out and gose Gaga!

Summer pink: When the sky is pink the world gose pink not rainbow.


Original Version

Miku: I bake you a pie

Ren: Oh boy what flavors?

Miku: Pie flavors!

Ren: -Puke on Miku-

Edited Version shown in the UK and USA:

Miku: I bake you a pie

Ren: Oh boy what flavors?

Miku: Pie flavors!

Seasons 1Edit

"Circus Monster" Rin and Len kill Ren was cut and the end card was extended by 1 second.


Billy West as Ren

Billy West as Stimpy

Ariana Grande as Hatsune Miku

Jim Cummings as Adolf Hitler

Tom Kenny as Kaito

Carlos Alazraqui as Slendercat

Charlie Adler as Jeff the killer

Rodger Bumpass as Yokune Ruko

Tom Kenny as Angry Dad

Marty Grabstein as Derpy Hooves