{{Infobox|Box title = Ren & Stimpy's House Party|Row 1 title = Episode|Row 1 info = S7 E5|Row 2 title = Air Date|Row 2 info = July 2 2015|Row 3 title = Written by|Row 3 info = John K,Bob Camp|Row 4 title = Directed by|Row 4 info = John K|Row 5 title = Storyboard stuff|Row 5 info = Aa|Row 6 title = Pruned by|Row 6 info = Billy West|Row 7 title = Perverse Episode|Row 7 info = Template:Crash Landed"|Row 8 title = Next Episode|Row 8 info = Template:"The Nightmere"Ren & Stimpys House Party is the fifth episode of season 7 on The Ren & Stimpy Show(now listed as The New Ren & Stimpy Show)

Plot Edit

Coming Soon

Trivia Edit

  • This only aired SFXM with a TV-14 rating due it with the sexual content and Ren says "I Don't give a damn"
  • Sven and Muddy Skipper make cameos
  • Stimpy is seen under the table with his Nose Goblins,in his Gritty Kitty Litter and holding. muddy skipper plush
  • Ren's PQ is seen in bathroom
  • It is unknown if the girls in the episode are same in Naked Beach Frenzy
  • Yogi Bear,Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse can be seen in the car with the jock
  • Parappa The Rapper can be seen on a missing poster
Ren-Let's Be Mature about this,pal

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