Ren & Stimpy The Musical



Written by

John K SpongeBrony06 Cartoon Lover

Directed by




Air Date


Ren & Stimpy the Musical is an episode of the 6th Season of The Ren & Stimpy Show that aired during the summer 2015.

Plot Edit

Ren and Stimpy sing in a non hip musical

Trivia Edit

  • Ren is not voiced by John K in the episode he voiced Shenandoah" a very talented singer and actor
  • In some countries the "Down here in the lab" song is cut cause it very dark
  • The Rating for this episode is TV-PG-L cause some song elements are very speconomy
  • Ren,Mr.Horse and Mr.Pipe are the only ones who voiced by someone else
  • This episode really doesn't have a plot.

Songs Edit

  • A Musical"
  • "Down here in the lab"
  • "The Rudder Nipple Song"
  • "I Heart Money"
  • "Dinner Party"
  • "Powdered Toast man"
  • "Muddy Muddskipper Theme"
  • "Happy Happy Joy Joy"
  • "A Musical(ending)"

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