Ren & Stimpy meets the faded Powdered Toastman lead actor Alan Weast at a comic book convention, as he swears revenge for being left out of Hollywood. Later, an antagonist from the actual Powdered Toastman animated series, Brocoli Man, begins terrorizing the convention, trying to stop the release of the new Powdered Toastman film.


  • Eric Bauza - Stimpy
  • Chris Edgerly - Ren Hoek, Mr. Horse
  • Adam West - Alan Weast
  • Jeff Bennett - Powdered Toastman
  • Richard Horvitz - John Price/Invader ZIM
  • Troy Baker - New Powdered Toastman
  • Alan Rickman - Brocoli Man


(*) despite being owned by DreamWorks Animation .

  • One of the subplots involves Alan Weast as an actor that played the Powdered Toastman on an old, campy TV series. The movie studio came out with a darker version of Powdered Toastman, and have been trying to prevent the original series from being released on DVD, plus they won't even let it air on television. This is a reference to the real life struggle going on between Adam West (who ironicly voices Alan) and Batman and the makers of the Dark Knight trilogy.
  • This film is also a special tribute to Nickelodeon's 35th Birthday.