Ren and Stimpy: Stimp-o-Rama is a DVD to be released January 27, 2014, containing seven episodes (13 segments) - three of Season 2 and four of Season 3. It also includes a preview of Ren and Stimpy's Crazy Revival Thingy, to premiere on Nicktoons in the UK on Febuary 4, 2014, followed by a US and Australia premiere Febuary 17th the same year.

Episodes of "Ren and Stimpy"Edit

All rated TV-Y7.

  • In the Army/Powdered Toast Man
  • Haunted House/Mad Dog Hoek
  • Sven Hoek 
  • Circus Midgets/Ren's Pecs (edited)
  • To Salve and Salve Not/No Pants Today
  • Jerry the Bellybutton Elf/Road Apples
  • Eat my Cookies/Ren's Bitter Half

Episodes of "Crazy Revival Thingy"Edit

Rated TV-PG-V.

  • Sunlight Shiskabosh/That Darn Beaver (edited)


Minor controversy was created when "Circus Midgets/Ren's Pecs" was announced to be on the DVD. The result was "midgets" being replaced by "dummits". The back cover still referred to the episode as "Circus Midgets".

"Sunlight Shiskabosh": "Livin' in the Sunlight, Livin' in the Moonlight" was cut from the DVD version of this episode of Crazy Revival Thingy.

Runtime of scene: 1: 13

Runtime of original episode: 11: 27

Runtime of edited version: 10: 14

Australian versions retain the song, but cut the opening titles and "The End" title at the end of the episode, making it 10: 24.


UK: PG - Mild violence and language. "Sunlight Shiskabosh" is in it's original form.

Australia: PG - MIld violence and language. "Sunlight Shiskabosh" is in it's semi-original form.

US: TV-PG-V/PG - Mild violence and language. "Circus Dummits/Ren's Pecs" is included instead of "Circus Midgets/Ren's Pecs" and "Sunlight Shiskabosh" is edited down to 10 minutes.


  • 184 minutes (original UK version)/183 minutes (US and Australia version).