An Ren and stimpy adult party cartoon episodes where Ren and stimpy meets Fritz the cat from his comic and film,


Stimpy: (Crying) ****! I'm crying,

Ren: Don't worry, I'll help you,

Stimpy: Really?
Ren: we're Watching Fritz the cat!
Stimpy: Okay. I'll buy you a dvd!
Stimpy shows Fritz the cat dvd From adult Shop,

Ren: What is this? I don't even!
Stimpy: It's Fritz the cat dvd!
Ren: Okay. I been-

Fritz: i'm free! I'm Free! i'm back from flim!
Ren & Stimpy: what the.....

Frtiz: I'm NOT dead.

Ren: okay i don't care...

Stimpy: Hello!
Fritz: ok.

To be conitued.

Deleted sceneEdit

This Scene is cut from This episode for no reason:
Fritz the cat creator and john k didn't Want Viewers to View this.

Ren: (smacking Fritz) Shut up!
Fritz: I sorry i replaced Stimpy,

Ren: Where's Stimpy?
Stimpy: in Fritz's world.