1. Hollywood Hoek

Ren stars in a movie, and becomes instantly famous! He goes to hollywood, however, leaving Stimpy behind him. (Spike: October 31, 2004)

2. The Boy Who Cried Rat 2! Pt. 1

R&S continue working for the family, then they escape for their lives! They then decide to find another gig at a different house, however, little do they realize this guy actually has real rats! (Spike: November 7, 2004)

3. The Boy Who Cried Rat 2! Pt. 2

Ren is awaiting Stimpy to find him in the mans house, when Ren meets up with the real rats in the house! Stimpy has to take down every single one of them! An even bigger problem, though, is that they all look like Ren in his rat costume!

4. Artic Stimpy

Ren and Stimpy are living in the artic. Everything is fine until, one of those eskimos come and try to take their skins for warmth and clothing. Ren & Stimpy have to defeat this guy.

5. Le Big Switch

Ren and Stimpy are complaining about how hard each others lives are, and claims one has it easier than the other. As a bet, they switch, Ren spends time in Stimpy's shoes, and Stimpy spends time in Ren's Shoes.

6. Traveling Pals

R&S travel around the world in a Discovery Channel show-type episode.

7. Roomate

Ren & Stimpy are in need of cash, so they rent out one of their rooms, and the person who moves in happens to be no other than, George Liquor.

8. Super Ren & Super Stimpy

This episode shows R&S as superheroes defending whatever city it is they are at during this period.

9. Christmas

R&S have their families come to visit for christmas.

10. Supidity in the back

10. Life Sucks (The Movie) Written By: John K.

Life Sucks explores the difference between Ren and Stimpy's outlook on life. They each look at the world and see the same evidence yet judge it in opposite ways. Stimpy is an optimist and Ren is a pessimist. In Life Sucks, Ren realizes it's his duty to cure Stimpy of his naivety and he takes him on a journey through biology, religion, history and evolution in an attempt to make him wake up and smell the coffee.


Good new season. I got some of the episodes done in 1991 to be done here. PLUS I got John K's "Life Sucks" movie in this season! And around the middle of the season a 3rd APC season was picked up. Also, this season aired on Comedy Central, as opposed to Spike TV.Note:Stimpy & Ren look like they did on the kid version from late 1993 & 1994 & a little bit of early 1995.

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