Season 2 (1992-1993):

  1. Ren's Toothache/Rubber Nipple Salesman
  2. Sven Hoek
  3. Haunted House/Mad Dog Hoek
  4. In The Army/Big House Blues (Nick Version)
  5. Big Baby Scam/Dog Show
  6. Monkey See... Monkey Don't/Powdered Toastman
  7. Stimpy's First Fart
  8. Fake Dad/Out West
  9. Stimpy's Fan Club
  10. The Great Outdoors/The Cat That Laid The Golden Hairball
  11. Visit To Anthony
  12. The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen


This was the second season. The animation improved greatly this season as the style was down and the characters were fully developed. This was the season the infamous banned episode "Mans Best Friend" was supposed to air, and was the first season to expirement with digital ink and paint with "Man's Best Friend" and "Out West". However, after this season, Spumco was fired and Games Animation had to finish a lot of episodes, like the voices were recorded and the animation may had been started, but it all had to be finished by Games. "The Great Outdoors/TCTLTGH" have Ren voiced entirely by Billy West, although the animation and style looks a lot like Spumco. Probably the best season of the series.