Season 3 (1993-1994):

  1. To Salve And Salve Not/No Pants Today
  2. A Yard Too Far/Circus Midgets
  3. Ren's Pecs/An Abe Devided
  4. Stimpy's Cartoon Show
  5. Jimminy Lummox/Bass Masters
  6. Ren's Retirement
  7. Jerry The Bellybutton Elf/Road Apples
  8. Hard Times For Haggis
  9. Eat My Cookies/Ren's Bitter Half
  10. Lair Of The Lummox


It was now at that point where the original show was really close to almost being cancelled. The first season to be done entirely by Games Animation. The best of the three Games Animation seasons. This season was actually made up mostly of storys thought up at the Spumco group, and then a few storys by the Games team. Billy West takes over as the voice of Ren, doing a less then mediocre job of it. The characters looked on model for most of this season, and some episodes, like "Stimpy's Cartoon Show", & "Hard Times For Haggis", look very Spumco-esque. Good season, overall.