Season 4 (1994-1995):

  1. Hermit Ren
  2. House Of Next Tuesday/A Friend In Your Face!
  3. Blazing Entrails/Lumberjerks
  4. Prehistoric Stimpy/Farm Hands
  5. Magical Golden Singing Cheeses/A Hard Day's Luck
  6. I Love Chicken/Powdered Toast Man vs. Waffle Woman
  7. It's A Dog's Life/Egg Yolkeo
  8. Double Header/The Scotsman In Space
  9. Pixie King/Aloha Hoek
  10. Insominac Ren/My Shiny Friend
  11. Cheese Rush Days/Weiner Barons
  12. Galoot Wranglers/Ren Needs Help!
  13. Superstitious Stimpy/Travelogue


This season started out pretty good. It is made up of half Spumco storys and half Games storys. Up until Double Header this is an above average season, then it just becomes, ehh, below mediocre. Also this season the characters went almost completely off Spumco models and into this Games style which looks, odd. Mainly Ren. Plus the voices, mainly Stimpy get pretty worse as well. Ren already sounded off. All in all, a DECENT season, starting out good, ending, pretty bad. But not all of the episodes at the end were bad. The only 2 episodes at the end of the season that I actually found appealing were "Cheese Rush Days" & "Superstitious Stimpy", because of their animation. The animation in those 2 episodes really looked like the episodes from late 1992. That stood out for the games animation series. The rest at the end was just terrible.