Season 5 (1996):

  1. Ol' Blue Nose/Stupid Sidekick Union
  2. Space Dogged/Fued For Sale
  3. Hair Of The Cat/City Hicks
  4. Stimpy's Pet/Ren's Brain
  5. Bellhops/Dog Tags
  6. I Was A Teenage Stimpy/Who's Stupid Now?
  7. School Mates/Dinner Party
  8. Big Flakes/Pen Pals
  9. Terminal Stimpy/Sammy & Me

10. The Last Temptaion/Reverned Jack

11. A Scooter For Yaksmas


This is pretty much one of the worst seasons of Ren & Stimpy. Ren sounds horrible this season (Not in the middle, but at the begining & the end of the season.) In some episodes, they look just like they did in Spumco. (Only in the middle) EXCEPT! one & I'll get into that later. Though, It has some good episodes in the middle of the season, like "Hair Of The Cat", "School Mates", & "Dog Tags", even "Dinner Party". Because, they look like they are made in Season 2. But the rest are pretty below average. In the middle of the season, Ren looks like & has the liver spots like he did in season 1 & 2 , & Stimpy looks like he did in older episodes (like from Season 1 & 2). Actually looks like effort was put into this. Otherwise everything else is just different looking. Below average season. Games is bringing Ren And Stimpy back up in 2010 with storys from John K. John. K is also making the next two seasons of APC.