In the future, Michael David Bellamy will re-create The Ren and Stimpy Show. The New Ren and Stimpy Show will contain all of the old episodes with extended versions and many more with anime graphics. Some episodes will be new. New ones such as ,"Terminal Ren",a spin-off for the 1996 episode, "Terminal Stimpy". Some new episodes might contain violence and some may contain blood. It will show on the channels,"Nickelodeon,Spike,Comedy Central,and Fox.Every day it will come on T.V. 8 times.On Nick,it will be rated TV Y-7, on Spike it will be TV-14, on Comedy Central it will be rated TV MA, and on Fox it will be rated TV PG. And it's for all ages. So in the future or in Heaven, you will be seeing it on television.