Disc 1: It takes 2 to do The Whack. Untamed World 2: About the Albino Cave Hoek. Power Out: The Scariness of the Dark!! Evil Island. A Scary, I mean SCARY Halloween Ren and Stimpy Special. Terror Tales of the Mansion:In the House, What the Hex going on?, and Knock Knoooock!! I'm Not "Tailing" You Again. Disc 2: Hugs and Stimpys! Valentines Day. Muddy Mudskipper in: Ya Lousy Bum!!! H.I.T.G is Out of Town. I'll Be "Z" Judge of That. Wazzzzuuuup?!?!?! What the "Hecko" is a Gecko? Disc 3: What Up Bum? Vat is Zat? Dumb and Dumber! What's the Difference? Alien Scumco. What Eeez it Man?!!! Subtitles:English SDH For the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Special Features: Halloween is Whaaaaaaaaacccckkkkkk.......... Whattup? Wazzup 2! Ren and Stimpy Meet Annoying Orange!, and more!!! Rating: TV - G