This is a real DVD containing the rest of the fourth and the complete fifth season of Ren and Stimpy and Yuma.

Disc 1:

My little Yuma/Stimpy live Amy rose

Angry german kid/Yuma Yuma yay!

Can talk like girl?/Stimpy's anime

Cheese in buzz/Yuma all black!

Stimpy the hedghog/Yuma's gold

Disc 2:

Stimpy rose/Stupid Ren

SuperstitiousYuma/Treehouse fight!

Sonic Stimpy Shadow/2+4=Yuma

Wii need Ren!/City Hacks

Mini Ren/Stimpy Brain

No worlds/1 Guy?

Disc 3:

Yuma vs Stimpy/Stimpy I have become

Anime boys/Death party animal

Big fat test/Lucky star

Link is death!/RPG Yuma

Stimpy's island

Boys all night/Tangy inside land!

Bonus Features:

Music video: Circus monster

Ren & Stimpy &Yuma: ARE HERE!