This is a real DVD containing the third and first half of the fourth seasons of Ren & Stimpy.

Disc 1:

Hurry up and save me!/Stimpy vs Yuma

Far away from heck/Circus Monster

Space Face/Just a Bit crazy

Rock Bottom

R.i.p/Stimpy's flash

Disc 2:

Ren theory

10 way to fly/All puke up

Soul eater

You Are Mine/My dead pals

Stimpy is dead part 1

Stimpy is dead part 2

Disc 3:

Dead test/Jeff the killer!

Yuma's Pikmin/Lumberpoop


The world is mine!/Ren's Enemies

RPG Stimpy/Fall to heck!

It's A Dead's Life/Hatsune höke

Bonus Features:

11 Audio Commentaries

An Audio Commentary by R&S&Y

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