This is a real DVD containing the first two seasons of Ren & Stimpy & Yuma

Disc 1:

Vocal pals!/Cute stuff

Bean day/Overtime!?

Space Darkness/The Boy Who Cried Yuma

The world is mine!/Flash for the world

Fan club/Magic Jack

Everday I become a dumb/It all Stimpy!

Disc 2:

New leaf/Make me sick!

Off my party!

Ren's Fantasy/Battle fight

Back in the line/Jumbo 9000 (MTV Version)

Pranks/All about us!

BONUS: It make me puke/Bean day 2 UNCUT

Disc 3:

Don't get my darkness/Fake Yuma

Made in china/Dark woods circus

Out of the blues

The Great fight/Seeu vs Kyary pamyu pamyu

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Bonus Features:

Ren & Stimpy: Ponponpon

Audio Commentary On Six Episodes

Storyboard and Spumco Image Gallery

My little death Pencil Test

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Plus More!